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Field User Guide Book CD for Meade ETX Telescopes

Following the instruction in the guide book, you can expect all target stars will appear in the viewfinder, better than 80% of GOTO targets will appear in the 26mm eyepiece of the ETX-90EC.
Field User Guide Book CD for Meade ETX Telescopes
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Field User Guide Book CD for Meade ETX Telescopes

Field User Guide Book CD for Meade ETX Telescopes
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The Missing Manual for
Meade ETX-70AT, Meade ETX-105EC, Meade ETX-90EC Meade ETX-125EC
Meade 497 Autostar, Meade Tripods
The ETX-Autostar Field Guide Book on CD
The Step-by-Step guide book for the Meade ETX Autostar Observation System
This is the step-by-step book that guides you through all the setup, alignment to achieve precision GOTO night after night without frustration. All the little tricks that makes setting up, aligning and using your ETX-Autostar observing system easy. Over 50 information packed pages with many illustrations and photographs. A collections of many hours of time and frustration saving experience. (Instructions applies to DS telescope also)The ETX-Autostar observation system The ETX-Autostar observation system consists of the ETX telescope, the Autostar and the Tripod.How you set up these three components would determine how precise and consistent is your observation.You need to look at the ETX telescope, Autostar and the tripod as an integrated system.

There is no overall instruction for the beginner. There is a manual for the telescope on how to use the telescope.There is also the very brief manual on how to setup the Autostar.There may be a manual for the tripod.Each part of the observation system (telescope, Autostar and tripod) comes with its instruction with very little overall consideration.It is important the system work with each other.Worst of all, the manual assumes that the beginner user know how the entire system should work together.

This guide book take the entire Meade ETX-Autostar observation system as a whole and guide you though step-by-step process to integrate you telescope, Autostar and tripod in to one observation system. You will achieve perfect GOTO night after night after night without frustration.

There will be no consistency without precision steps.A small error here, a little off there, and these little imprecision add up to big error. If setup properly, the ETX/Autostar telescope, is amazingly precise even at such a low cost This guide book will show you all the precision steps require for perfect results. This field guide is designed to show all the essentials on how to setup and align the Meade ETX/Autostar Observation system with precision without going into a lot of boring theory.This is a practical guide that if you follow the instruction, you will get the desired result.

This is how good you GOTO can be:By following the instruction in this guide book, you can expect ALL target stars will appear in the viewfinder, better than 80% of GOTO targets will appear (not necessarily centered) in the 26mm eyepiece of the ETX-90EC.If you follow the instruction here, you will get good GOTO consistently, night after night of comfortable star glazing without frustration. The instructions here will show you the step-by-step process how to achieve precision results.Total setup and alignment time for perfect GOTO: 10 minutes!

In the Guide Book for
Meade ETX telescopes, Meade 497 Autostar, Meade Tripod :

Topics Step-by-step and precision instruction for:
The System The Meade ETX-Autostar System: the telescope, Autostar and tripod
How the system must work as a whole.
Telescope setup Precision viewfinder alignment
Precision DEC Dial setting.
Precision telescope leveling for Polar and Alt/Az Home position.
Precision Home positions (Polar & Alt/Az)
Autostar Precision Meade Autostar setup
Get exact Latitude and Longitude of your address without a GPS unit
Precision time any time from an atomic clock to the second.
Fine tune Autostar with your telescope
  • Correct and precision method to Train Drive
  • Eliminates drive lack time (telescope does not move immediately after you push the button)
  • Eliminates jerky telescope movements
  • Eliminates and avoid motor failure messages

Autostar problem troubleshooting

Tripod Precision Leveling
Precision setting of Latitude
North What is North? Which North to use?
Magnetic North and Magnetic declination compensation
Geographic North
North Celestial Pole
How to find the EXACT True North Celestial Pole, precision method
North alignment
Do you know you must align North before a Star alignment?
How to use compass for north alignment and magnetic declination
How to align with the Pole star.
How to align to the North Celestial Pole precisely for perfect GOTO and tracking
Align only once for permanent type telescope pier or stand.
Star Alignment Pre-alignment check list
Precision star alignment method
Star Alignment troubleshooting
Eyepieces Eyepiece focal length, magnification, field of view reference table
Computer Controlled Astronomy GOTO from the Computer Screen
Control the telescope from your compute, point the telescope to a star with your mouse.
Computer Software to control your telescope.

What can be easier than looking at the computer screen and compare the screen with the sky. Point and Click the telescope to the star of you choice right on the computer screen. Want to see all the stars of a constellation? Just point and click on each star of the constellation from you computer screen. There is no need to find them yourself in the sky.

Hold down the left mouse button and drag, the sky rotates with your mouse movement! Your browse the entire sky with you mouse.

Spin the mouse wheel and you zoom in on the target.

Tips on setting up your Autostar.
Find the EXACT longitude and latitude of your location.
Connect and test the connection of you telescope with the Autostar.
Quick setup of the planetarium/telescope control software.
A simplified user manual/quick tip for immediate use of the telescope control software.

What is on the CD:
The Guide Book
Adobe Acrobat Reader To read the Guide Book if you don't already have one
WinStars For PC Control your telescope from PC
Planetarium for Palm OS PDA Control your telescope from Palm OS PDA
Dimension 4 Atomic Clock System time for PC
Guide Book CD & Telescope Control Kit
  Guide Book CD Only
  Guide Book CD and Meade 505 compatible cable
  Guide Book CD and Palm/Autostar cable
  Meade 505 compatible Cable only

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Field User Guide Book CD for Meade ETX Telescopes

Following the instruction in the guide book, you can expect all target stars will appear in the viewfinder, better than 80% of GOTO targets will appear in the 26mm eyepiece of the ETX-90EC.
Field User Guide Book CD for Meade ETX Telescopes
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