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Atomic Clock

Polar Alignment with Precision Atomic Clock
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Polar Alignment and Star Alignment 
Meade ETX-Autostar with an Atomic Precision Clock

Why is the exact time important for precision Autostar GOTO
There are 1440 (24 x 60) minutes in a day while the earth rotates 360 degree.  That means the earth rotates 0.25 degree each minute.   The field of view of a 26mm eyepiece on ETX-90EC is 1.1 degrees.  If the telescope is not tracking the target object, it will go out of view in 4.4 (1.1/0.25) minutes.. Every one minutes error in the Autostar time, the target object would be off by seconds or 0.25 degree.  If the time is in error by 4 minutes and that is 1 degree.  There shouldn’t be any doubt that if you do not set the Autostar time to the exact time, the Polar alignment and star alignment may fail. The telescope is not going to point to the exact direction of your target object either.  Remember, half a degree here, quarter a degree there, you’ll miss the target.  Precision time is one of the factor that affects Autostar GOTO and is easily available. You need a precision  time source!  

The Clock That Sets Itself and synchronize with U.S. Atomic Clock!

Built-in radio receiver automatically synchronizes with U.S. atomic clock to set its time, day and date. It adjusts easily to the four U.S. time zones with he press of on button, and automatically switches to Daylight saving time.  Using is internal antenna it activates daily to seek the time signal from he U.S. Atomic clock, the most accurate timepiece in the world, operate by the U.S. Commerce Department in Boulder, CO.

  • Dual-segment LCD display show time, date and day of week

  • U.S. Map display indicates user-selected U.S. time zone.

  • Radio-tower icon shows signal strength of internal receiver.

  • Select from English, French and Spanish Displays

  • Bright Blue HiGlo illumination for nighttime convenience.

  • Operates with two AAA alkaline batteries

  • 12/24 hour selection

  • Alarm Clock with Snooze button

  • 2 3/4" x 3 1/2" x 3/4" 

Precision Atomic Clock for Meade ETX telescope Polar Alignment and star alignment

Precision Atomic Clock for Meade ETX telescope Polar Alignment and star alignment

Glow in the Dark


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